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Coaching - Areas of Expertise

Developing Self-Awareness and Reaching Personal Goals

Coaching is focused on building confidence and greater effectiveness by leveraging your strengths and addressing areas of concern. It involves a balance between supporting and assisting the participant, while challenging their commonly held beliefs and behaviours.  

Participants in Bramwell Solutions coaching will gain greater self insight, along with achieving greater clarity about what they want to accomplish, and a better understanding of what steps need to be taken in order to become more effective at achieving tangible and sustainable change.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Assisting you take the next step in your career by taking on more challenging roles and tasks that stretch current skill sets and abilities
  • Working closely with you to assist the achievement of deeper self insight to best leverage and utilising existing personal strengths
  • Helping you to identify weaknesses and 'blind spots' that could be hampering improved performance and career advancement
  • Assisting in the formulation of self-development strategies aimed at achieving both immediate and ongoing success.

Our coaching will develop your skills in:

  • Inspiring leadership
  • Driving employee engagement
  • Motivating individuals and teams
  • Clarifying and defining performance expectations and objectives
  • Managing performance by providing constructive and focused feedback
  • Interpersonal skills that remove ambiguity and develop respect and commitment
  • Assertiveness and conflict resolution skills
  • Time management
  • Building empathy and emotional intelligence.

Mark is a coach who masterfully connects with people. He puts much of his time into understanding your perspective as well as helping you to see what is going on around you. My experience with Mark was really enlightening. He helped me identify the root cause of the challenges I was dealing with, highlighted my part in resolving those issues and how to create the necessary changes in myself to succeed. 

Ellis Spooner- Associate Director,

I met Mark through a FiTT mentoring circle. Mark took the time to know us as a group and as individuals.  His kind manner allows you to speak freely while his assessment and coaching technique makes you feel that you had the answer all along. Sometimes the pill has been hard to swallow, but I personally feel more confident and stronger than ever before - Thanks Mark!

Carole Champion - Sales Manager VIC/SA/TAS, Exclusive Networks

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